Jeff Riebel


Jeff Riebel

Jeff is one of California’s most respected, experienced and successful family law litigators.  Jeff has been recognized by his peers as a Super Lawyer. Jeff is the co-founding partner at DeLacey, Riebel and Shindell, one of the premier family law firms in Northern California, serving San Francisco and the entire Bay Area as well as clients throughout the State. In his career as a divorce lawyer, Jeff typically represents clients in which marital estates worth tens of millions and sometimes billions of dollars are in dispute. His clients include CEOs, venture capitalists and other highly successful and well-known Californians.

On a near daily basis, Jeff finds himself examining parties, witnesses and experts or presenting arguments before California’s most seasoned judges, both public and private.  Jeff’s experience cutting his teeth as a public defender in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. are what set him apart in the family law arena. Simply put, clients come to Jeff because he believes that the best results flow from seeing a case through the prism of litigation in order to leverage a favorable settlement when possible.    

Intangibles are what differentiate Jeff from many accomplished advocates.  His competitive drive is part of his DNA. As an NCAA Division 1 athlete, playing basketball at the University of Pennsylvania, Jeff was motivated by a deep desire to win.  Over the last 25 years, Jeff’s personal and professional journey have taught him the necessity of facing his fears and acknowledging pain while channeling this competitive spirit.  Twenty years ago, an evolving vision of life and career took Jeff from being an East Coast public defender to the San Francisco Bay Area where he established a solo practice in family law.  Slowly, methodically and not without mistakes along the way, Jeff executed a plan that molded him into one of the most sought-after divorce lawyers in California.

His desire to reach his own potential and understand his own pain informed Jeff on his journey and eventually led to the creation of Iron Advocate.  Through meditation, exercise, reading and therapy, Jeff has established a routine of physical, mental and emotional balance that supports him in dealing with the fear, stress and vulnerability that inevitably accompany managing a complex, high pressure litigation practice.  Confronting the pain he brought to the law, along with the loneliness too often found there, Jeff has used his personal regime and the support network he established to build stronger relationships with his family, clients and colleagues. This journey is a never-ending process for Jeff as he continues his personal and professional evolution.  

Jeff lives in Northern California with his wife, Jennifer Long, who is also an attorney.  Jeff and Jennifer are both graduates of Howard University Law School. They have 2 sons, Taj 16 and Micah 12.  Jeff is a certified meditation teacher having completed the Warrior One program in which he was trained to teach mindfulness meditation to lawyers.