Ep 4 – Steven Brill

In 2019, Steven Brill defended Vitaly Korchevsky in a groundbreaking federal prosecution in a media-frenzied trial in New York City.   Steve’s client, an internationally-known minister originally from Kazakhstan, was alleged to have used Russian and Ukranian hackers to facilitate insider trading.  The case drew international attention throughout.  Steve litigated with the backdrop of the ongoing Mueller investigation and claims of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.  Steve recounts his career from New York Public Defender to the co-founder of a litigation firm and how he handles the challenges and complexities of a stressful NYC law practice.  Steve discusses how his use of mindfulness techniques, following a disciplined daily routine and making music create a work/life balance that maximize his love for the law.  Enjoy this episode of Iron Advocate as we continue to explore how lawyers can kill it in the law without it killin us.  You can find Steve on the net at SBCriminallawyers.com or SullivanBrillfirm.com or email him at Steven.Brill@sullivanbrill.com