Ep 3 – Danielle Daughtry

The 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia was one of the most controversial of all-time.  Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton battled through the spring and summer with Sanders refusing to endorse Clinton until 2 weeks before the convention.  Mere days before the convention would open, Wikileaks published emails showing that debate questions were provided to the Clinton campaign by individuals associated with the Democratic National Committee.  DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman resigned her post.  A strike by airport workers threatened travel into Philadelphia.  Danielle Daughtry was Chief Counsel to the Convention.  You will hear about the personal practices and habits developed over her career that enabled Danielle to manage the stress associated with her job.  Danielle candidly shares how she confronts the self-doubt so often felt by lawyers.  Danielle recounts her journey from growing up in NYC to Spelman College, Georgetown Law Center, BigLaw, in-house at MetLife and beyond.  Danielle eloquently, thoughtfully and honestly dissects the unique challenges facing an African American woman in the law and what the profession needs to do differently and better to become representative of our society.  Enjoy this episode of Iron Advocate as we continue to explore how lawyers can kill it in the law without it killin us.