Ep. 28 – Christon Halkiotis

Christon Halkiotis was a prosecutor for 15 years, handling the most serious criminal cases including drug investigations, sexual assault and murder. But one year ago, Christon decided to turn in her badge, open her own law office and she now defends the rights of those accused. Christon is a board certified criminal specialist practicing in Greensboro, North Carolina.

In normal times, hanging out a shingle and building a law practice ain’t easy…during these challenging times, it’s a whole new ballgame. Christon takes us through her year-long journey starting with what she was thinking when she turned the office lights on for the very first time. She walks us through the fears, the successes and the vision for her future..

Christon loves being a lawyer. Throughout the conversation, we raise various challenges that present themselves at the intersection where business meets lawyering. The three of us had big fun discussing the issues from very different vantage points…two of us with 20 years each in private practice and one of us reflecting on her first year…

Join us for this episode of Iron Advocate as we continue to explore how lawyers can kill it in the practice of law without it killing us.

Visit Christon’s website www.cshlawpllc.com to learn more about her.