Ep. 27 – Ashley and Kim Kesner

Ashley Kesner has battled alcohol and drug addiction as well as an eating disorder since her teenage years. Thanksgiving 2020 was Ashley’s 224th day sober.

Ashley’s father, Kim Kesner, was an attorney for 40 years including 33 as solicitor to Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Being the face of the law in a small rural community is extremely isolating. It also comes with the false perceptions of your community that because you are a lawyer…you must be rich. The pressures of the practice weighed heavily upon Kim.

Ashley and Kim Kesner offer a raw and honest lens into the undeniable connections between Kim’s life as a lawyer and Ashley’s struggles. From Kim’s need to isolate himself at home while showing no signs of weakness to his reactions upon learning of Ashley’s spiral, Ashley and Kim share memories including Kim’s reaction upon discovering bags of vomit in his daughter’s bedroom.

Ashley says I wanted my dad, I didn’t want a lawyer…

This conversation delivered growth, laughter and tears…we hope that it does the same for you.

Join us for this episode of Iron Advocate as we continue to explore how lawyers can kill it in the practice of law without it killing us.