Ep. 26 – Michael Goldberg

Michael Goldberg is a clinical therapist and performance enhancement specialist. Michael works with athletes, lawyers and highly successful business people to put their arms around anxiety and normalize it. Michael supports his individual clients as well as firms and organizations in creating a culture of identifying, talking about and welcoming the uninvited guests who will never leave…anxiety, fear and shame. Rather than pretend that they aren’t there…Michael shows his clients the boundless power in using anxiety, fear and shame as a way to gain an advantage over opponents. Creating this culture of embracing normalizing what others deny and run from gives growth mindset law firms a distinct advantage toward victory…and as Michael says…why wouldn’t you want that?

Every lawyer and law firm needs to listen to what Michael shares. Michael speaks in clear, passionate and relatable terms about what lawyers must do right now to improve their mindset and win…emotionally, professionally and financially. You can reach Michael at magoldberg@executivefunctioning.net

Join us for this episode of Iron Advocate as we continue to explore how lawyers can kill it in the practice of law without it killing us.