Ep. 25 – Renee McDonald Hutchins

Renee McDonald Hutchins has done it all in the law…and based upon her passion for the profession and vision for legal education in America, she is just getting started…Renee currently serves as Dean of UDC Law which is one of the nation’s 6 HBCU law schools. Dean Hutchins eloquently and thoughtfully dissects what is working within our profession as well as what we must do better, and differently, to meet the honorable mandates that come with being a lawyer. We put Dean Hutchins on the spot and asked her to describe the perfect law school were budget, boards of trustees, choice of faculty and ABA oversight no longer issues of complication. Her answers did not disappoint.

Prior to assuming the leadership of UDC Law, Renee Hutchins was a litigator and law professor. After graduating from Spelman College and Yale Law school, she clerked for legendary Judge Nathaniel Jones on the Sixth Circuit. Renee followed that up with years litigating as one of the nation’s leading voices on 4th Amendment issues, writing two textbooks, serving for more than a decade as a professor at the University of Maryland’s Frances King Carey School of Law including time as co-director of the Clinical Law Program, and founding director of the Appellate and Post-Conviction Advocacy Clinic.

Join us for this episode of Iron Advocate as we continue to explore how lawyers can kill it in the practice of law without it killing us.