Ep 22 – Jen Riggs

Jen Riggs graduated law school and dove head-first into stress as a public defender. During our conversation, Jen reflects on the burnout that came quickly. She walked away from the law without a plan and boarded a plane to London. This began Jen’s journey of deep personal growth that today finds her as an expert in mindfulness-based leadership development. Jen offers digestible reflections that she believes would have changed her life in the law had she known then what she knows now. Jen offers thoughts on having perspective, purpose and people around you for support. Jen makes mindfulness relatable and attainable. As she says during our conversation…being mindful doesn’t require you to sit on a cushion for 20 mins a day chanting Om. Rather, it is about stepping into the present moment, grounding in your body and taking a breath. Enjoy this episode of Iron Advocate as we continue to explore how lawyers can kill it in the practice of law without it killing us. You can contact Jen at JenRiggs.com