Bob Levant

For many of us in the practice of law, admitting fear or feelings of vulnerability equates to weakness.

Bob embodies the term “Philadelphia Lawyer.” Honored by his peers numerous times as a Super Lawyer, Bob has tried over 50 criminal and civil jury trials in his 25 year career.  His cases of note include successfully representing clients in capital murder cases and other high-profile criminal and civil matters.  In May 2018, Bob secured the largest malicious prosecution civil rights verdict in Pennsylvania history when a jury awarded his client, Khanefah Boozer, $10 million. 

Bob has litigated thousands of cases, cross examined thousands of witnesses, and appeared in countless cases in the bare-knuckles courts of Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania. Having navigated his clients through some of the most politically charged and legally complex cases and crises any lawyer will ever face, makes him a sought-after counselor, lawyer and problem-solver. Bob has developed a unique set of skills as well as the insight and resilience to help clients and other advocates in any situation they face.    

As a battle-tested litigator, Bob has the scars and hard-won wisdom to show for it.  Bob’s willingness, over the course of his career, to finally acknowledge and confront the struggle, self-doubt and deep vulnerability that accompany trial work differentiate him from many fellow warriors.  He is dedicated to mastering the inner game of advocacy. 

Bob has devoted himself to a journey of self-awareness in an effort to dialogue with advocates about what holds us back and how to unleash our greatest potential.  His commitment is illustrated by the fact that he will soon complete his master’s degree in mental health counseling. He understands the psychological challenges faced by lawyers cannot be overcome without a daily physical routine.  Bob embodies this discipline through a daily yoga practice as well as being a certified yoga instructor.

In 2013 and 2014, Bob fulfilled a dream as he traveled through Africa with his family. They chronicled their daily experiences on a travel blog.  Upon returning, Bob established The Shining Light of Ethiopia which is a 501 (c)(3) charity focused on raising money to educate the children of Dongora Morocho, Ethiopia which is the birthplace of his son, Mabret.